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If you've installed version of the AvCiscoTSP (found on the Unity 2.4.5 CD or downloaded off AVs FTP site) you can fiddle with your volume adjustment settings if necessary. In most cases the default settings for record/playback volume boost will be fine but if you need to "fine tune" this application can help you do that.

First apply the included RGS file to get your base registry settings for a value of 0 gain for both record and playback. Then run the WaveGain.EXE and the above dialog will pop up. You can play with different record/playback settings even while recording or playing back files. Just enter values (i.e. 3 or -3) in dB into the edit boxes and click the corresponding box to have that setting take effect immediately.


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Once you have values you're happy with, set the following registry keys to the appropriate value (no, the WaveGaing app doesn't set these for you):




These registry values are in hex so you need to convert first. Negative numbers are a bit tricky... For example: 0xFFFFFFFD = -3dB. Setting the values to zero will disable the gain control completely.

It should be noted that the initial configuration for these settings are should be -10db (0xFFFFFFF6) for playback and +5 (0x00000005) for record by default, so please keep that in mind as you make changes. Additionally, ranges beyond (+-)10-15 can cause distortion, loss of playback, or complete silence.

The WaveGain Serial application was designed to be a small tool that can be useful for adjusting the record and playback volume settings.