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The TTY Angel application was developed to be a small tool that translates text into WAV files that can be played to TTY / TDD phone devices. It’s designed for being able to quickly generate audio text applications for TTY/TDD users and also has a “batch mode” which can be used for generating thousands of individual prompts quickly and easily to provide a “TTY Language” for voice mail systems, IVR applications and other telephony applications. TTY Angel also supports a batch mode for generating large numbers of prompts used for making telephone conversations.

TTY Angel cannot be run over a WTS connection. Since it interacts with the WAV driver to get it’s job done and WTS does not like applications doing this remotely, TTY Angel will not allow itself to run if it detects it’s launched from over a WTS connection.

TTY Angel

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TTY Angel is not specific to any Unity version or the like. It generates WAV files that can be understood by TTY phone devices and can do this in “batch” for CSV files. You can, of course, run TTY Angle on or off the Unity server.

TTY Angel Serial will produce WAV files that can be played back an “understood” by any device compatible with the Baudot protocol. This is the standard protocol used by all TTY/TDD phone devices in North America. The US standard is for transition speeds of 45.45 baud which is what TTY Angel Serial uses by default. You can, however, generate WAV files using 45.45, 50, 75 or 110 baud modes If you like. See the “Generating an Alphabet” section below for more on that.

While some TTY/TDD phone devices support the newer ASCII protocol at 110 or 300 baud speeds, TTY Angel does not support this since these are two way modem protocols that cannot transmit using simple asynchronous WAV file transmissions.