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Music instruments are found in quite the variety of types, each one emitting a different sound. Nowadays, specialized computer software components can emulate nearly all existing instruments for musical compositions to be created with less effort. For instance, Church Organ is a slim audio plugin which can be used to include organ sounds in songs.

Before Church Organ can be of any use, the target computer must be fitted with a suitable audio host, with one example being energyXT. Routing can be done according to input and output devices needed for a proper audio experience. An external MIDI required is not necessarily required, since most VST hosts provide a virtual keyboard to use in this regard.

Church Organ

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The configuration panel displays a cool image depicting a powerful organ. It’s not interactive in any way, but there are several knobs through which sound effects, and parameters are adjusted. Changes generate real-time feedback, but there’s also a power switch for quick toggle of this instrument.

Except for the general volume configurator, there are no more than four knobs with which to adjust sound. The room knob dictates how much sound is retained, more like an echo effect. Damp can be used to set dry/wet mixture, while width leaves the impression of a large environment, and the mix knob adds sort of a crossfade effect between notes for a smooth transition.