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Having the right set of audio processors installed on a computer can eliminate the need for real instruments almost completely. Sure enough the better the hardware components the higher the quality of output sound, and in this regard InvectorVST-8V comes with various effects, oscillators, and filters for real time audio manipulation.

First of all, the target computer needs to be equipped with a suitable VST host application and energyXT is a proper example here. Once the audio bank is loaded, routing is automatically done to input and output devices, either real or virtual.


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The plugin heavily relies on oscillators, with up to 8 configurable slots. Each is fitted with its own configuration options to control octave and semitone, knobs for fine tuning and PM, as well as 16 different waveforms. Oscillators also come with an in-depth configurator option in the form of two sets of XY positioners. These are used to bend sound in different styles at custom speed values.

LFO routers can be synchronized together and changed to produce sine, ramp up, ramp down, triangle, and square manipulation. ADSR and velocity knobs are dedicated to three separate envelopes, one of which controls amplitude.

In a similar manner, two sets of filters can process band pass, high pass, and two low pass filters, with controls for cutoff, resonance, key, modulation, level, and pan. More effects are added through the Chorus panel, which is adjusted through rate, depth, pre-delay, feedback, and mix controls.