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Resources on a computer are not only dictated by hardware components. File of different types are also important resources for specialized applications. Although relationship between audio and text can seem a little awkward, Watex can help create sound effects and later on export frequency levels in the form of text.

First of all, the application skips you the whole process of getting it deployed on your system, which means you can easily carry it around on a thumb drive to use on other computers besides your own. System registry entries are not modified in the process, so you don’t have to worry about affecting stability.


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The visual design has you working with regular sound processing elements, such as the waveform for the generated effect, and dedicated knobs to adjust intensity, fine tune, and more. On the one hand, you can load existing WAV files to have frequency lists exported, while there’s also the possibility to use a connected MIDI device to create effects.

Analysis precision can be set to one of three levels, such as low, medium, or high. Related knobs make it possible to fine tune, or coarse either the stretch level, or X offset. Length is also configurable, with a few preset options selectable through a dedicated drop-down menu, with an additional option to add values to the Y offset.

For better perception of sound, you can use the normalize effect. Interpolation can be turned off, or set to either linear, or cubic. The only supported output format is TXT, with all frequency values between first and last points found on individual lines. Sadly, there’s no recorder, or option to generate a WAV file for custom effects.

To sum it up, Watex Serial comes with good intentions, at least as far as sound configuration options are concerned. Although not packed with too much variety, the few knobs and functions at your disposal are enough to create different effects. Unfortunately, you’re only able to generate a TXT file out of your creations.