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Making music on a computer mostly requires you to have an appropriate set of software components and plugins. VST hosts are a popular method to create sound effects, benefiting from an abundance of specialized plugins. However, with Invector-8V you can experience the power of such a plugin without having to install a host application.

First of all, you can use the application on other computers besides your own directly from a thumb drive, without having to go through a setup process to make it work. As such, registries on the target PC remain intact, so you don’t have to worry about affecting stability.


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The application is nothing more than a stand-alone version of the InvectorVST-8V VST plugin. The visual design is similar to that of the plugin’s preferences panel. It works with different types of MIDI input. However, it is also assigned to keyboard buttons, so you can experiment with effects without having to actually connect a device.

With no other options to configure besides input and output devices, all that’s left is to turn some knobs to see how sound is altered. Up to eight different oscillation layers can be used, each with 16 different waveform styles, octave and semitone adjustment fields, as well as fine tuning, and PM knobs.

Depending on the components used, oscillation layers can be assigned to envelope layers, LFO routers, as well as X and Y audio pairs. The XY pairs are a key element in your effects. With up to five configurable steps, sound can oscillate at a custom pace in a surround environment, based on how you arrange steps.

There’s also a rich variety of preset configurations to use with your musical projects, with the possibility to save your own. In addition, you can hook up a chorus set of effects, and two filters you can set to low, high, or band pass.

All things considered, we come to the conclusion that Invector-8V Serial is a powerful stand-alone set of effects you can experiment with before trying out the VST plugin, or using it as a whole in your recording sessions. Multiple presets guide you through the variety of sound which can be obtained, while the multitude of filters, and oscillators provide unlimited combinations to create just the right audio background for your projects.