arcDev Mainliner X2 1.0 ~ crack/serial/keygen

The arcDev Mainliner X2 application was developed to be a triple-oscillator monosynth designed specifically for just this. Each of the 3 Osc groups is made up of three detunable suboscillators, so if you want you can quickly dial up a huge warbling chunk of hoov. Add an 8-pole LPF and 4-pole BPF, and watch the speaker cones wobble.

There's a whole lot of modulation and wave-mangling options though, so you can get other sounds with it, too.

arcDev Mainliner X2

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MLX2 is optimised for bottom-of-the-keyboard playing. It may well work as a lead-type synth, for all I know. YMMV.

Oscillator Bank

Three Oscillator groups (A/B/C), each of which is made up of three sub-oscs. Waveform for each sub-oscillator may be independently set, and suboscs may be detuned against each other.

OscGrp B & C may be set to hard-sync to, or be frequency-modulated by, subosc 1 of OscGrp A. If either oscgrp is set to FM, OscGrp A main output is muted, and its LVL control is re-routed to adjust FM Depth.

Additionally, OscGrps B & C are sent through an adjustable-level Ring Modulator. Standard White-noise generator is also present.

Filter Bank

Two independent filters. Filter A is switchable 4pole / 6pole / 8pole Low-Pass. Filter B is switchable 2pole / 4pole Band-Pass or High-Pass.

Filter routing may be switched between three modes:

- Parallel

Signal passes seperately through Filters A & B.

Mix controls A/B Mix.

- Multi

Signal passes though Filter A, then is split - one signal passes to the output, while the other passes through Filter B.

Mix controls A/A+B mix.

- Serial

Signal passes through Filter A, then Filter B. Mix is disabled.

Envelope Generators

Four velocity-sensitive (H)ADSR generators. Env A is hardwired to main amplitude, Env B is hardwired to Filter A Cutoff. Env B & C can be freely assigned to most parameters.

Env B, C & D feature adjustable Pre-Hold (delay) time & bipolar velocity and mod depth. Env A features unipolar velocity.

Lfo Generators

Three tempo-syncable assignable Lfo generators.

Smooth/Quantize control modifies Lfo wave shape:

Negative values smooth sharp transitions (useful for smoothing out a random waveform).

Positive values quantise smooth transitions (useful for 'stepping' a sine or triangle waveform).