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LPC-Vocoder was developed to be a VST-plugIn for the creation of vocoder-sounds. These are created by superimposing the frequency-envelope of one signal (the so called analysis- or modulatorsignal) on a second signal (the so called synthesis- or carriersignal).

In the classic vocoder this is achieved by means of an analysis- and a synthesis-filterbank - the LPC-Vocoder in contrast uses a single adaptive filter which is capable of realizing complex frequency-responses with many peaks. LPC is an abbreviation of Linear Predictive Coding - a technique in signal processing which can extract the formants (frequency bands with high amplitude) out of an audio signal.


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LPC is widely used in the speech signal processing community, for example to compress the speech for transmission in digital communication systems. To analyze the input signal, a filter tries to predict the current value of the the signal by means of past signal values (this filter is called the "prediction-filter" or simply "predictor").

The error which occurs in this prediction can be used to adapt this predictor (the system which subtracts the predicted value from the actual, true value to form the error signal is called "prediction error filter").