Hindenburg PRX Encoder 1.0.20 ~ crack/serial/keygen

PRX, short for Public Radio Exchange, is a web platform/social network for distribution and licensing of public radio programming. If you are an audio producer that regularly has to deal with uploading content to PRX, then you surely know that not all types of formats are supported.

This is where Hindenburg PRX Encoder comes to your aid by allowing you to effortlessly convert .wav and .aiff audio files to .mp2, the typical format for PRX.

Hindenburg PRX Encoder

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To be able to use the application, you must undergo a swift installation process. Subsequently, upon first firing-up the utility, you are greeted by the app's compact main window.

The interface is as simple as they get with no more than two buttons and a 'loading dock' for your files. Based on its overall simplicity, it should not be that difficult to guess that the workflow of converting your audio files to .mp2 is practically a walk in the park.

There are two ways for loading the files: you can either click the 'Select files' button from the app's user interface, or you can drag and drop them from their location onto the main window of Hindenburg PRX Encoder.

Before anything, you should be aware of the fact that the app only works with .wav or .aiff with sample rate values of 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1 and, ultimately, 48kHZ.

Please note that once the files are loaded, they are automatically converted to .mp2 format without any other type of intervention from your part. The output files are placed in the same location as the original files.

This said, it is a good idea to make sure that you don't have files with identical names in the same location because they will be overwritten. With this in mind, it would have been nice if the application would have provided you with a way to change the default location for the output files.

All in all, Hindenburg PRX Encoder Serial is a straightforward and efficient piece of software that does its job of converting .wav and .aiff files to .mp2 format in practically no time and with the least amount of effort on your behalf.