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For many of us, listening to music is a complementary activity, which doubles other, more demanding endeavors.

This is the reason an application such as Mirro Player is designed to be as distraction-free and subtle as possible from all points of view, which enables you to listen to your music without making an impact on your computer’s resources.

Mirro Player

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Software developer
Grade 5.0
466 5.0
Downloads count 3928
File size < 1 MB
Systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 10 64 bit

The first thing that stands out is the program’s elegant interface, with one exception that we will discuss later on. The music player features a transparent skin that is barely noticeable when working with multiple applications simultaneously.

That is not to mean that it makes it in any way difficult to interact with, since all the elements are intelligible, and the buttons are highlighted in a way that helps you spot them without straining your eyes.

As for the music player’s ease of access, we have to point out that everything is schematic to the point of poverty. You are only provided with a series of buttons for playing or pausing songs or letting you navigate to the previous or next item within the playlist, plus those for shuffling and repeating tracks.

Adjusting the volume is, of course, possible, as is seeing the remaining time when you are listening to a song.

The big absentee from the picture, though, is the playlist. Even though the player automatically remembers all the songs you add by clicking the blue musical notes, there is no way whatsoever to see them all listed so that you know in advance what is next or simply get a feel of your music collection.

What is odd is the choice of the default picture to illustrate the player’s right section. Not only is it not relevant in any way to the idea of music, but it also seems not to blend in with the program’s general appearance.

A more conceptual-looking image would have definitely been more appropriate. Nevertheless, the developer himself suggests that this photo can be changed by navigating to the program’s location path in "C:Program Files," which should not be such an ordeal.

We have tried to do as such ourselves during our tests, but the results were rather questionable.

To sum it up, Mirro Player Serial is an application aimed at those who need an elegant but at the same time unsophisticated means of listening to music. It does not claim to offer a lot and is in need of a varied feature set, but it does its job and does not interfere with your work in any annoying way.