ReadOutLoud 1.20 Crack Full Version

Text recognition software has come a long way and nowadays users have access to increasingly sophisticated packages. However, for those who prefer simpler approaches, there are other applications for such purposes, such as ReadOutLoud. This utility was designed to offer people with an accessible text-to-speech engine.

The application presents users with an unimpressive interface that provides a single window and no menus. Several on-screen controls are provided, enabling one to initialize the text reading process, pause it, skip one sentence ahead/backward or access the speed reading trainer.


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To use the application, people need to either have other applications opened where text is highlighted or paste the clipboard text into its main interface. Regardless of their choice, when pressing the “Read” button, the utility will start reading the provided text.

Users will be able to easily read the text they provide and the utility’s diction and cadence are adequately tuned. In addition to its main reading feature, ReadOutLoud Serial also provides another useful tool, for speed reading training.

This feature will enable one to skip through the individual text sentences after completing reading the current one. By using this, people will be able to improve their reading speed and even proofreading capabilities.

This application addresses those who require an accessible and efficient way of converting text into audio. It will provide a text-to-speech algorithm that will enable them to easily hear the pasted clipboard texts or the text which is highlighted in other opened applications. Featuring a straightforward interface and accessible buttons, it also comes packed with a dedicated speed reading trainer, which enables people to improve their reading speed.