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After countless hours studying theory and many blisters you know you're on the right track of becoming a pro guitar player. To be used to your advantage, applications like Neck Diagrams give you the possibility to create custom frets and string instrument tunings, making the whole process of telling your band members how to play or practice a lot easier.

The application resembles a custom graphics editor specially designed to draw frets and notes. The effort put into development payed off and you notice this from the first few minutes spent snooping through the set of features put at your disposal. With a few example diagrams at your disposal, accommodation becomes even less of a pain.

Neck Diagrams

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You only need to know where all notes need to go on the frets when starting a new project. Depending on its complexity, several page layout templates are fitted with at least one fret in various position styles. On the other hand, it's possible to start with a blank page and fully customize your work.

Customization lets you play with an abundance of features and drawing tools. Starting from visual tweaks to fret related settings, anything can be adjusted.

More specifically, board, frets, legend and instrument tabs provide a set of configurations with which to determine fret length, display style and orientation, legends, colors and a lot more. You can also insert multiple frets on the same page and arrange them as you see fit or use automated aligning options.

Drawing tools are designed to require little effort on your behalf. With shapes like filled or outlined circles, squares, diamonds and triangles you can mark down notes so you and your buddies know where fingers go on each string. A professional approach on representation is provided, with more options letting you specify mute and open strings, as well as several connection types, including barre.

Frets are not the only subject of customization, with the page layout also benefiting from proper styling. Importing images give off a personal style and text can be used for lyrics or additional info. These can easily be analyzed with the help of a side panel that offers a clever overview of all pages in your project.

The set of features doesn't end here, with the application promising to take you through all you need for properly designing a diagram. An impressive array of string instruments can be selected from a library, with categories like guitar, banjo, bouzouki, chapman stick, mandolin and ukulele, each with corresponding items tuned in different scales. You can either use available items or fully create new categories and instruments by specifying number of strings, names and tuning.

You don't have to stay in from of the screen to make use of diagrams because there is a decent array of export options at your disposal. Besides the possibility to print the design on a sheet of paper, you can generate JPG and PNG image files, or combine pages in a PDF document.

Bottom line is that Neck Diagrams Serial offers a professional approach on musical diagrams creation. Your workspace might seem complex, but you quickly get the hang of it, with each element being equipped with descriptions and tooltips. Everything can be customized from visual designs, frets, instruments and tunes you use so that everything lives up to expectations, and it does in the end.