Ultratools Editor 1.7 Crack + Activator (Updated)

Ultratools Editor is meant to aid users in creating their very own Ultrastar songs, complete with note-by-note lyrics. The program is also capable of editing existing songs.

The software allows users to work with standard, freestyle and gold notes. These are added by using the top buttons. A nice feature is that notes can be merged and split.

Ultratools Editor

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Another interesting function is that users can insert the lyrics while working on the song notes. Each note receives its very own lyric; This is where the split and merge notes functions really pay off!

Users can personalize their file by filling in many metadata fields (like author, genre, year of production and Bpm). Songs are saved in standard TXT format, which makes it very easy to transfer them around.

The interface is well suited for the job at hand. The bottom part of the main window is occupied by the actual work area. This is where notes will be added or removed.

The three types of notes available to users are displayed using their respective colors, which makes it very easy to spot errors.

An interesting feature, although probably unintended, is that a few French phrases seem to have ended up in the main window, alongside their more common English counterparts. This will surely be fixed in future versions.

Ultratools Editor Serial is very practical. There are no complex functions, no manuals to peruse and no tutorials to check. And none are needed, really. Ultrastar aficionados will find this a very pleasant application, perfect for singing away those (user-made) Sunday lullabies!