WinMute 1.4.5 Keygen Full Version

If you play music on your PC or receive frequent sound notifications, you may not wish to bother everyone around you when you step away from your desk.

WinMute is an open-source application that comes to your aid, as it can mute your computer automatically whenever your screen is locked or a screensaver starts. It does not require installation and runs silently in the system tray.


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To begin with, it is worth noting that WinMute is very easy to launch, as there is no need to install it beforehand. Just make sure your computer meets the software requirements and you should be good to go.

Once launched, the application will be accessible through a system tray icon, which you can right click to bring up the configuration menu.

While the application is running, all system audio will be muted automatically when the screen is locked or a screensaver is active. You can also enable or disable either of these triggers.

When the PC is unlocked and the screensaver is no longer running, WinMute Serial can restore the volume instantly. This feature can also be disabled if you only wish to enable audio again manually.

A simple and user-friendly program, WinMute can be very helpful for those who work in crowded offices and want to avoid annoying people around them with music or notifications when they step away from their PCs.

A convenient system tray icon enables you to activate or deactivate the application’s functions with a couple of mouse clicks, and its resource usage is negligible.

Overall, WinMute is a great utility that can silence your computer automatically when you aren’t around. It is very simple to set up and only runs in the system tray.