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There are various applications or games that change your microphone volume for various reasons, and this is obviously not ideal when you need it to remain constant at all times. If you are streaming, for example, you want your viewers to hear you clearly no matter what you are doing.

VolumeFixer is a small application that can help you out in this scenario. It performs a check at regular intervals and sets the microphone volume to a certain preset level, thus ensuring your voice will never be too quiet or too loud.


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The configuration process is remarkably simple, as you only need to start the application, select the device that should be controlled and set the desired microphone level. If you wish, you can also change the default check interval, although 500 milliseconds should be fine for most users.

Once everything is done, just save your settings and minimize the program. It will be sent to the system tray automatically and continue to update your recording device’s volume while running in the background.

If you notice that your microphone volume is being modified by various programs without your knowledge, this application can certainly come in handy. It will ensure there are no annoying volume spikes or drops, which can also help when making recordings.

Of course, VolumeFixer Serial was mainly designed to help streamers, as they often run into issues that make it very difficult for viewers to understand what is being said.

On the whole, VolumeFixer is a pretty simple piece of software, but it does its job well. Don’t expect to have any advanced features at your disposal, but you may wish to give it a try if varying microphone volume is an issue.