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DIN Is Noise is a fun and lightweight piece of software designed to provide you with a straightforward method of creating and recording your own music, even if your knowledge in the field is limited.

The application displays a user-friendly appearance, similar to that of a 50’s analog synthesizer, allowing you to work with it by means of keyboard and mouse actions.

DIN Is Noise

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The main window enables you to configure its functioning ‘Parameters’, specifically the ‘Voices’, ‘Attack Time’, ‘Decay Time’, Pitch Bend’, ‘Waveform’ and ‘Octave Shift’.

From the right-click menu of DIN Is Noise, you can choose the ‘Instrument’ you want to use, your options being ‘Microtonal Keyboard’ and ‘Keyboard Keyboard’, the latter allowing you to make music just by pressing various buttons on your computer’s keyboard.

The ‘Editor’ section of the utility enables you to adjust the ‘Attack’, ‘Decay’, ‘MIDI Velocity’, ‘Compressor’ and other features, by modifying their corresponding graph to a preferred shape. From the ‘File’ tab, you can decide where to save the captured WAV file.

Once you have configured DIN Is Noise Serial, you can click on the ‘Record’ button and start listening to the music you create, while also save it to an audio file. The buttons and their corresponding notes are displayed in the lower part of the window, so you can easily identify the one you wish to press. Your keystrokes cause random-colored squares to appear on the screen, shrinking in size as the sound decays.

To sum it up, DIN Is Noise is an interesting and appealing sound synthesizer that you can resort to whenever you find yourself in a creative mood and wish to compose music on your own computer, without too much fuss or effort entailed.