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Blind people and users who exhibit eyesight deficiencies might not have too many choices when it comes to using their PCs. There are several software packages out there that provide PC assistance for blind persons and one of them is Accessible for blinds mp3 converter. Not only will it offer text-to-speech capabilities, allowing users to hear the currently selected directory or file, but it will provide MP3 and WAV conversion features.

The application clearly doesn’t impress in terms of looks and it certainly doesn’t have to, since it was designed for blind persons. Using their keyboards, people will be able to navigate through their PC directory tree and when pausing on certain folders or items, the application’s speech engine will read aloud the name of the selected content.

Accessible for blinds mp3 converter

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Nevertheless, although it features only keyboard operation and no extra complex features, the utility’s handling might not be the fastest out there. On our tests, it has exhibited considerably sluggish behavior, especially when navigating using the arrow keys or entering its basic menus.

People will be able to listen to the names of the folder or file they have selected. However, when navigating to another one, the application will not offer prompt response and it will still read the name of the previously selected items. This isn’t terribly annoying, but users will have to be very patient with the utility.

Furthermore, the developer has chosen to use different colors for the selected items, background and file details pane, but this could be totally irrelevant, especially since this application addresses blind persons. Additionally, on our tests, the utility failed to convert any audio files and this could make it an unreliable choice for those who wish to use this feature.

All in all, this application might be an average choice for those who exhibit eyesight deficiencies and need to use their PCs through a text-to-speech assistant. It will allow them to navigate in the directory structure with ease, listing the currently selected items or folders with the provided speech engine. Unfortunately, the MP3 / WAV file conversion feature did not function on our tests.