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Snooper Professional is a reliable audio recording tool that you can set to automatically start capturing the sounds in a room. The tool can start recording each time it detects sound above a certain volume threshold or according to certain triggers that you configure. It also features a recording scheduler.

Snooper Professional can run in the background and start recording silently whenever it detects the sound triggers that you set. The tool can also run as a Windows service and record encrypted audio files using PGP or EFS encoding methods.

Snooper Professional

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The program can automatically start the recording whenever the sound in the room exceeds the specified decibel threshold, on dictation or only when the specified trigger occurs. You may easily select the option that suits your preferences and let the program scan for sounds.

The files are saved on your computer in MP3 or WAV format, with the additional settings that you make. For instance, wait a few seconds after the trigger occurs or do not save files shorter than a few seconds.

Additionally, you may create several scheduled events that trigger the sound recorder, one-time or recurring events. You can use the hotkeys to turn the stealth recording mode on/off or to start/stop/pause the recording on demand.

Snooper Professional Serial provides you with a reliable audio editor which allows you to trim the files you load or to analyze the wavelengths. You can also use a frequency analyzer or view a list of all the saved files.

Snooper Professional allows you to not only save the audio files locally but to also upload them to an FTP location. Additional options are the SSL support or queued upload. The application also features a DSP filter tool that allows you to set the noise suppression, AGC/Gain level and select the active pre-recording filter.