HoRNet Magnus MK2 2.0.2 Crack With License Key Latest

HoRNet Magnus MK2 is a user-friendly and easy to understand piece of software functioning as an audio plugin, which can help you increase your music’s loudness level, by means of a brickwall limiter in two stages.

Bear in mind that in order to use the tool, you need to have a compatible VST host on your system and follow the corresponding plugin setup instructions.

HoRNet Magnus MK2

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Once complete, you can access HoRNet Magnus MK2 and begin adjusting the two knobs in order to obtain the effect you are after.

The utility makes use of two main components, namely the ‘Clipper’ and the ‘Limiter’, each in the shape of knobs. For both of them, the minimal value is -6.0 dB, but they can be modified according to your needs.

The ‘Clipper’ supports soft and hard interventions, depending on whether the ‘Soft Clip’ function is enabled or not; it can cut away unhearable small peaks. By combining the two, you can obtain the result you are after.

Similarly, HoRNet Magnus MK2 Serial lets you adjust the ‘Release’ time, ranging from as little as 1 millisecond to 500. Nonetheless, it also provides you with an ‘Auto-Release’ component, which will synchronize the song tempo and the release time, for smoother pumping.

Moreover, HoRNet Magnus MK2 lets you activate or deactivate the ‘Oversample’, the available values being ‘2x’ and ‘4x’, so you can work with whichever best matches your particular requirements. The ‘Output’ level can be adjusted by means of a slider.

All in all, HoRNet Magnus MK2 proves to be a handy and reliable plugin that can successfully assist you in creating your songs and obtaining the precise loudness level that you need, without too much strain on your part.