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Jniz is a music notation software solution ready to assist composers in creating and exporting music, bringing to the table several tools for score editing and voice harmonization. With Jniz, you can forget about manually drawing musical staves and focus on what's really important: creating your song and making it sound as good as possible.

Its interface comprises several staves that wait for you to place musical notes and build up a pitch sequence. You can change the stave type, remove, clean, and send it to the built-in player by right-clicking on each set of lines.


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Placing notes on the stave is easy, as Jniz abides by the music notation regulations and standards. Moreover, a note is not accepted if not included in the currently selected key. Non-harmonic tones are color-coded, enabling you to quickly distinguish them on the stave.

As you get more and more accustomed to the application, you can use shortcut keys to change the key and edit items.

Jniz provides support for multiple sequencers that it can use, also enabling you to opt for the real-time sequencer if a MIDI keyboard is connected.

You can modify the time signature for each empty stave, adjust the tempo, and change the used instrument with ease. Jniz Serial supports a wide variety of instruments, including pianos, electric guitars, harps, clarinets, xylophones, organs, harmonica, acoustic and other types of bass, violins, tubas, flutes, and the list is far from being complete.

There are additional tools ready to help you with your work. Jniz integrates audio to MIDI conversion capabilities, sound scaling options, and chords recognition. Created pitch sequences can be easily saved as JNZ files or exported to MusicXml, LillyPond, MIDI, or PDF format.

Jniz is a good music notation and composition utility, abiding by rules of classical harmony to help you create your song with ease. As expected, it is quite mandatory to have previous musical theory knowledge and be quite familiar to the specific terms to use it to its full potential.

Overall, usage is not difficult, but it is highly recommended to take a glance at the documentation and read about all the functions before starting. For instance, right-clicking in the blank area on the left of the key turns the area to gray, which means that the solo mode is activated; there is no way you can know that without reading the help files.