cineSync 4.1.12 ~ crack/serial/keygen

cineSync is a straightforward piece of software that enables you to review and analyze video clips with other users in real-time.

As you may have guessed, cineSync is actually a real-time synchronization and collaborative tool that enables you to stream videos and audio files and gain full control over what the person on the other end is seeing.


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Apart from having to install QuickTime on your computer, the application does not require any special attention on your behalf in terms of installation.

This said, before you can start taking advantage of what it has to offer, you need to first register or log in using a cineSync account. Worth mentioning is the fact that guests can join your video sharing and streaming sessions without requiring their own accounts.

Upon first launching the application, you are greeted by a simplistic yet very functional user interface. It soon becomes evident that most of the work can be achieved by using the menubar, since there are no toolbars or extra interface elements. While accessing all the functions directly from the menubar is no difficult task, clearly a normal or even a ribbon toolbar would have offered a better and faster alternative.

Getting down to more serious features, you should know that the utility comes with a lightweight set of useful drawing tools. These tools can be used by all the users in the session to draw on top of the images. Another important aspect that was not overlooked by the development team behind cyneSync is color.

Since color is very important when it comes to movies and videos, the tool packs an efficient collection of sliders that can be used to adjust brightness, contrast, gamma and saturation, all in full sync with the individuals from the other end of the session.

As far as other, more advanced, features go, you should know that cineSync Serial allows you to upload files via FTP and SFTP clients, export all data through customizable scripts and export Quicktime movies with annotations burned in.

Last but not least, cineSync comes features integration with Shotgun project management app and comes with support for DPX and EXR.

All in all, cineSync is an interesting and efficient real-time video synchronization and streaming program that makes the collaborative work for users who need to process movies or videos a little bit easier.