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Since more and more smartphones are launched every month, one could say that they have become quite important devices when it comes to work projects or school assignments, since most of them can also be used as portable storage devices. There are also some applications than can synchronize a folder from the PC with one on the phone, such as Cheetah Sync.

After you install the corresponding apps on your computer and on your Android phone, you need to make sure the handset detects the PC and that it can establish a successful connection.

Cheetah Sync

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At this point, all the steps are pretty straightforward as you simply need to work with your phone, while leaving the desktop application up and running. You will need to select a folder from your computer and another one from the handset, then assign a newly-created task a name.

The contents of the selected folders will be synchronized with ease, so as to make sure that all your computer files will also be transferred to your Android phone, and vice versa.

The benefit of Cheetah Sync Serial is that you need to create the task once, then you only need to sync it from your phone. In other words, you will not need to create this sync job whenever you want to backup your files and keep them in sync.

All in all, Cheetah Sync was created to be as intuitive as possible, as you do not need to set up any complicated settings on your PC - you only need to connect a bluetooth dongle to the computer, but if you are using a laptop, it is probably already bluetooth-enabled.

On the downside, the functionality of Cheetah Sync is only available for Android phones, so if you are running a different operating system on your device, you will need to look for a different software solution.