Samsung GALAXY Tab Emulator Activation Code Full Version

Samsung GALAXY Tab Emulator provides developers with a fairly fast emulator created with the purpose to allow the testing of apps without having to use a physical device. Aside from this function, it also comes in handy to regular users who want to take the Galaxy Tab for a spin and assess its capabilities before purchasing such a device.

Samsung GALAXY Tab Emulator is basically an addon for the mobile device emulator that comes bundled with the Android SDK and can be accessed using the AVD Manager application. For those who worked with the Android SDK before and are familiar with its features, the configuration process shouldn't pose any problem.

Samsung GALAXY Tab Emulator

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The downloaded folder must be placed in the 'Addon' folder of the Android SDK. Once you installed all the required components (platform tools, system images, libraries etc.), a Samsung Galaxy Tab definition must be created using AVD Manager and a new Android Virtual Device must be generated.

The emulator displays the Samsung Galaxy Tab main screen, enabling you to use the virtual tablet just as if it were real. You can choose to use the computer keyboard or the on-screen buttons for controlling the emulator.

The mouse can be used for sliding the screen and accessing menus, launching the browser and navigating on the Internet. The emulator has some limitations, as it cannot fulfill all the functions of a real device; placing and receiving calls is not possible, USB connections, Bluetooth and camera input are not available and the program is not capable of determining the SD card insertion.

All in all, Samsung GALAXY Tab Emulator Serial offers users a virtual environment they can test their apps in, with good response and low system resource usage. It enables developers to view how their app behaves and looks on the tablet screen.