DroidPad 2.1.0 Crack + License Key Download

DroidPad is a simple tool that enables you to use your Android powered mobile phone as a Joystick for gaming and other activities.

Using this tool you are able to play games on your computer using your mobile phone that is connected via USB cable or Wi-Fi.


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To get started, you must have the application installed both on your PC and on the mobile device. The two also need to be connected either a USB cable or over a Wi-Fi network. Once the connection signal is sent from the mobile to the PC, DroidPad is able to recognize the device.

In case that doesn’t produce any results, you can add a custom device, meaning that you have to enter the IP/ hostname address as well as the port that is used. When the connection is established, you are able to control your mouse cursor using the mobile phone.

DroidPad Serial is able to work in modes such as ‘Joystick’, ‘Mouse’ and ‘Slideshow’, each of them using features of the phone to provide different functions. Configuring DroidPad Serial as a joystick you get to use the on screen buttons to control your game.

Mouse mode enables you to manipulate the mouse cursor using your phone. This can be done by tilting, where the cursor moves according to how you rotate the phone around its axis. DroidPad also allows you to use your phone screen in the same way you use a notebook trackpad, complete with buttons. A more complex method of controlling the mouse pointer is by using the phone’s gyroscope.

DroidPad also enables you to adjust the sensitivity for the axes that are responsible for tilting and panning. Moreover, you can reorganize the axes and buttons according to those needed in the game.

In closing, DroidPad is indeed a handy tool to have around when you’re tired of playing games in the traditional way, or your joystick is unavailable.