Nero InfoTool 11.0.00500 ~ crack/serial/keygen

Nero InfoTool is a reliable application aiming to provide information about your system, including hardware, drivers, inserted discs and installed software.

Although the software market does not fall short of such utilities, Nero InfoTool benefits from a feature that is rarely to be seen in similar software.

Nero InfoTool

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Software developer
Grade 3.7
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Downloads count 91980
File size < 1 MB
Systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

It’s the application’s ability to fetch an extremely detailed report regarding the CD / DVD disc drives that impressed us the most, even though we can’t complain about its other capabilities, for that matter.

However, being produced by Nero, it’s to be expected that the attention falls on disc information rather than other hardware components. Proof to this is the fact that upon a short analysis, the first reports to be delivered are those related to the inserted CD / DVD.

These include details about the disc type, firmware version, buffer size, serial number, read / write speed, supported read / write features, write modes, as well as information related to DVD discs, including vendor and region control and code.

In addition to these, the application also gathers data about existing tracks, blank capacity, manufacturer ID, disc status, title, date and publisher.

Subsequently, Nero InfoTool Serial will retrieve basic information about the computer hardware (system and peripherals), installed drivers and software, as well as an extensive report similar to Windows’ Device Manager.

All of these details may be saved to a text file or sent directly to the system printer for later use. You can also hit the ‘Refresh’ button if you insert another disc or plug an external device, in order to update the reports.

On an ending note, Nero InfoTool is a decent choice that fetches information about the most important sections of your system. However, the most impressive report is related to the CD / DVD disc configuration and contents.