AnyMP4 Mobile Transfer Crack With License Key 2020

Each new mobile phone generation seems to bring something new to the table, and there is no telling when you may wish to switch from one platform to another because of a particularly desirable Android or iOS device.

AnyMP4 Mobile Transfer is a handy application that can be very helpful in this scenario, as it enables you to transfer data between your devices to ensure the transition is quick and effortless.

AnyMP4 Mobile Transfer

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The program supports a wide range of devices, and it may be wise to consult the list included in the online documentation to ensure your phone is among them. The provided instructions are not particularly detailed, but this should not be an issue thanks to the application’s straightforward design.

AnyMP4 Mobile Transfer enables you to copy contact information, ePub and PDF files, as well as music, movies, podcasts, ringtones, memos, photos, playlists and albums.

The setup procedure is not at all complex, and no advanced configurations need to be performed within the desktop application. However, you do need to ensure iTunes is installed on your PC and USB debugging mode is enabled on your Android device.

You have the option of copying data from your iOS to your Android device and vice versa, as well as transferring files between two iPhones, iPads or iPods. Before launching the operation you can specify which types of files should be included, and it is also possible to delete all such data present on the target device.

Unfortunately, it has to be noted that AnyMP4 Mobile Transfer Serial does not allow you to specify which items should be copied, as you only have the option of moving all of your contacts, photos or media files from one device to another.

Overall, AnyMP4 Mobile Transfer is a fairly reliable piece of software that can come to your aid should you ever wish to switch to a new mobile device without losing all of your data. It can certainly get the job done, but it is not suitable for copying individual items.