Send2Phone 2019 3.3 Build 52 Crack + Activation Code (Updated)

While transferring files between your PC and your phone does not necessarily require a dedicated app, there are software tools designed to facilitate the communication between the two devices. One example is Send2Phone, an interesting tool for exchanging messages and sharing files between Windows computers and Android phones.

To connect Send2Phone to your phone, there are two mandatory prerequisites, namely to connect the phone to the PC via a USB cable and to install the mobile counterpart of the application on the Android device.


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The next step is to launch the mobile app and add a new device by scanning the QR code on your screen. If a chat window appears on your desktop, it means the communication channel is opened.

Using Send2Phone Serial, you can send text messages from your PC to your phone and vice-versa. The conversation is stored by the application as soon as the two devices have Send2Phone Serial installed so that you can reread it should you need to. Messages can be easily copied or removed from the conversation.

Aside from text messages, Send2Phone streamlines data sharing and transfers. It supports links and multimedia files or various formats, allowing simultaneous data sending. The Windows application features on-the-spot previewing of pictures and saves videos and other types of files locally.

As a drawback, Send2Phone does not display any notification when the phone is disconnected from the PC, continuing to send messages and files as if nothing happened. On the other hand, when re-establishing the connection by rescanning the QR code with your phone, the conversation is updated. Other than this, we did not experience any issues when testing Send2Phone, so we recommend you take it for a spin.