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Sqliteman is a straightforward and effective software solution especially intended for database administrators and users who need to manage, organize and create SQLite tables, views and indexes.

It is able to personalize SQL statements, generate triggers and views, as well as administer the database index statistics.


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The application enables you to quickly open a new SQLite file or simply create a new one by using the proper options from the File menu.

Being divided into three sections, the main window displays all of the created databases, the proper scripts for each selected column, index or view, as well as the necessary information concerning each created table along with its SQL script.

The left panel, entitled ‘Database’ provides you with a hierarchical-tree view from where you can manage and organize all of the available tables and views, while the right panels allow you to view the scripts for each database object and full-detailed information about each selected database.

The application provides you with two ways of creating several database objects, here referring to tables, indexes, views and triggers. Whether you right-click on the proper object and choose the available option, or manually input the right SQL scripts and press the ‘Run’ button.

In case you want to create a new table automatically, using the built-in functions, you can easily insert as many columns as you want by specifying their type and name. The ‘Advanced (SQL)’ tab enables you to view the generated scripts, which can be easily modified if you know how to work with such SQL queries.

As a database administrator, you surely know what views are designed for. Unlike a table, a view (also referred to as a virtual table) is stored in a database as a query object; therefore, a view is an object that gathers its data from one or more tables.

By accessing the ‘Create View’ option from the context menu, you are able to choose the database you are interested in, specify its name, then press the ‘Create’ button. This action will automatically generate the proper SQL scripts with no interaction from your side.

To wrap it up, Sqliteman Serial proves to be an efficient solution that comes in handy for users who need to master SQLite databases by creating new tables, indexes and views.