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There’s a large amount of data stored online, unimaginable in fact. Storage methods have nothing to do with windows file management, being kept in well-organized databases. You can create one in multiple ways like SQLite GUI puts an interface to the command line utility with the same name.

Just like the name suggests, this application takes everything that SQLite can do and puts in an organized visual interface with buttons and easy controls. By default, the main window is split into three equal parts for the input field, query results, and output. You might want to go ahead and make the last two smaller, or simply disable them temporarily from the View menu.


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In terms of design, the main window is clean, big, clear buttons in the upper toolbar, as well as a search field, with a function to toggle RegEx results. Opening files can be done either by dragging them over the main window, or using the browse dialog. Saving is easy, and only takes a few mouse clicks.

Writing is pretty easy, especially because the syntax highlighter that immediately recognizes code and gives it a different color. You can even change it from the options menu in case you’re used to something else. Sadly, there’s no intellisense support for quick writing, or at least a library of functions for an even faster approach.

If you have some data on your computer, the application is capable of opening it and using info. To test it out, you only need to press the Start button. It’s even possible to execute the SQL script, with the process running smoothly, given there are no compilation errors.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that SQLite GUI Serial is a neat upgrade you might want to check out in case you frequently have to do with SQLite. Accommodation is a walk in the park, thanks to the well-organized elements, and clean design, making for an overall experience you don’t have to miss.