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Large quantities of information are best stored in databases, and there are already various services that managed to make a name for themselves throughout the years. Specialized applications are required to edit values, and DataDevelop allows you to connect to different types, run scripts, and modify data.

Before the application can be used to its fullest, you need to be sure that .NET Framework is installed on the computer you want to run it on. Apart from third-party components, connection credentials, and active Internet connection are also required for a proper experience.


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The application allows you to create new databases, or connect to existing ones. Supported formats allow you to work with SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft OLE DB, Microsoft Access, MySQL, as well as PostgreSQL. These are easily selected from a pop-up window, and corresponding credentials need to be provided afterwards.

The application lets you connect to more databases at a time. These are all shown in a side tree view, thus making navigation easy. All elements and keys can be accessed from the same panel, with details shown in the rest of the space in an organized table you can edit, and even export to file.

Tab support gives you the possibility to keep multiple detail panels active at the same time. This is especially handy because of the built-in Python, and Javascript consoles, which allow you to create, and execute scripts for faster, better management of a database. Additionally, you can save, and load existing scripts.

All activities are shown in an output window, which slides up at the press of a button. Apart from the database explorer, there’s also an assembly explorer, which lets you analyze components of a database, with all related details.

All things considered, we can safely state that DataDevelop Serial is a practical, and powerful database management solution. The intuitive workspace quickly gets you up and running, letting you connect to a decent variety of database types. Editing is greatly enhanced by Javascript, and Python consoles to run scripts and automate the process.