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Databases are behind all large enterprises, online services, and many more domains of activity, since they can hold, and provide requested data in the blink of an eye. However, analyzing a data in its raw form can be a pain, but not if done with applications like DTM Schema Reporter, which lets you sort, and grab only fields of interest.

The application doesn’t necessarily have to be installed on the same computer where the database is located, but you do require an active Internet connection, as well as proper credentials to be able to reach, and browse through database content.

DTM Schema Reporter

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The main window is merely a constant configuration window, with a side panel allowing you to go through details of interest. Enlisted under a tree view, you get to configure tables, views, procedures, synonyms, and extended properties for schema, security, model, output, styles, descriptions import and export options, general application settings, external property editor, execution console, as well as an SQL console.

You don’t have to connect right away, but accessing specific areas brings up the connection screen. The application offers a pretty impressive array of connection options, ranging from direct connections through path, and credentials, to desktop files, data sources, and OLEDB connections. Supported types allow you to reach Microsoft SQL server, Oracle Database, MySQL, Interbase/Firebird, IMB DB2, and PostgreSQL.

Once you’re successfully connected to a database, you can browse through previously mentioned areas to view all table fields with corresponding descriptions. Editing isn’t possible, but you can select only those fields of interest, or even filter by mask to narrow down results.

You can either run a schema, or security report. The result can be customized in terms of file support. A neat advantage is you can generate multiple, different file formats at a time, such as RTF or MS Word, HTML documents, XML, plain tab delimited text files, CHM, PDF, as well as Excel spreadsheets. Additionally, titles and footers can be added, have summary included, or a table of contents created.

In conclusion, DTM Schema Reporter Serial is a powerful database report generator and exporter. It allows you to connect to different types of databases to grab info from various sources. Data can easily be selected and sorted out, while export options make sure you create all the file types you need, and include summary, and table of contents for easy review of exported data.