PopSQL 0.10.15 Crack + Serial Key Updated

PopSQL is a stylish and efficient SQL editor for Windows that provides you with a streamlined environment for writing queries and database visualization purposes.

First and foremost, please note that PopSQL works with some of the most popular databases out there, namely Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Redshift, Cassandra, MemSQL, and BigQuery.


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Getting started with this useful utility shouldn't pose any challenges, as you only need to undergo a fully-automated installation process and a small login procedure that requires you to input your Google credentials.

Before we mention anything else, you should know that this is not your humdrum, not-exactly-impressively-equipped SQL editor since it also makes it possible for you and your team to collaborate in realtime on database-related projects. This recommends this app as being especially useful for users who are still learning the ropes when it comes to SQL queries.

With workflow that strongly resembles that of Google Docs, it's quite clear that PopSQL Serial's collaboration-related inner workings are very well-thought-out, hence, query or results can be effortlessly shared via simple URLs. Better yet, everything can be organized in folders (both public and private), and comprehensive data visualization is possible with the help of extensive charts.

Other nifty touches include features like autocomplete for both tables and column names, table and column search, table preview, keyboard shortcuts, SSH tunnel support, and the possibility export your results to CSV or JSON, with error highlighting and slack integration currently in the works.

Taking everything into account, PopSQL is a very interesting, new-age utility for database management.

Sure, since it's not an enterprise-grade SQL editor, it doesn't exactly boast the most impressive set features. However, it does come with support for the most popular database types out there, it boasts decent SQL editing and data visualization capabilities and, let's not forget, super-convenient and Google-Docs-like collaboration tools.