ApexSQL Data Diff 2019.01.0527 Crack + Keygen (Updated)

When mitigating databases or creating backups for them, all the information they contain is cloned. In order to quickly restore information from such backup files, you could compare the data from the current database with the one stored in your backups.

ApexSQL Data Diff is a crafty piece of software that can help you perform this. It allows you to scan the contents of either two databases, two backups or any other combination in between to determine which data is identical. In order to properly work, the program requires a database managing software, such as Microsoft SQL Server, as well as .Net Framework installed on your computer.

ApexSQL Data Diff

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The application offers you a convenient way of determining if there are any differences between any pair of databases or backup files, which could help you merge or clone information faster, as you would only have to process the datasets which are not similar.

For instance, you can check if you need to restore a database using a previously saved backup file, by simply comparing their data. This way, you might not need to recover everything, but only several datasets and tables.

ApexSQL Data Diff Serial provides you with the tools necessary to compare the information contained by databases and backups created based on them. Each identical dataset is identified, while the different content is highlighted, alongside the data that could not be compared.

As an example you can compare two similar backups and decide which one can be kept, in case the data they saved is too similar to keep two copies.

All in all, ApexSQL Data Diff is ideal for quickly comparing the contents of certain databases and their backup files, although inexperienced users might find connection creation quite confusing.