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PostgresToOracle is a reliable program that enables you to easily export data from one database application into another. The software facilitates the data migration from PostgreSQL to Oracle, allowing you to transfer not only information, but also tables, schemas and other structures. The application features a series of wizard functions.

Due to the different format in which information is stored by databases, transferring it between management applications can be difficult and take much time. PostgresToOracle is capable of instantly converting data, tables and other schemas, then transfer them from PostgreSQL to Oracle. The process is quick and marked by a progress bar, which indicates its evolution.


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The software prompts you to connect to both PostgrSQL and Oracle, in order to identify the source database and the exact destination of the transfer. You may use the specific login credentials in order to establish the connection to both databases.

PostgresToOracle facilitates the migration of information, as well as tables or schemas, from PostgrSQL to Oracle. The transfer can be performed directly, by converting and exporting data and structures from the input table or via query.

Once you connect to PostgreSQL, you need to select the database you wish to manipulate, then choose the specified columns and rows for the process. Thanks to the graphic interface, you may easily visualize the contents of the database you selected, then select the entries you wish transferred.

Additionally, the software supports migrating a single table or a series of tables, which you can visualize then manually select. Alternatively, you may configure a query, in order to define the object of the transfer, the source tables.

PostgresToOracle Serial supports scheduled tasks, meaning, you may automate the transfer of data between the two management applications. The wizard function can help you through this process, indicating the source, the destination, the transfer method and the due time. The task can be repeated according to the schedule, several times.