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Nowadays, when building code, developers need to ensure that it is well constructed and optimized, in order to achieve better web page size and feedback. There are multiple software solutions out there that offer such capabilities and one of them is w3complier. This utility will help users determine if their code and contents that are about to be loaded on their websites are well designed and optimize them if necessary.

The utility presents users with a clean interface that boasts a well designed layout, with a classic file listing viewer and accompanying tabs for various information. One will be able to easily create new projects, with custom source and target directories, but the application will allays require different partitions for the two.


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This isn’t such a big issue, but those who only have on partition on their systems could be bothered by this and seek alternative methods. Once the source directory has been indicated, the file list will be populated with users’ contents and they will be able to selectively optimize their items.

The application allows users to select which files they need to optimize and after running the process it provides them with a detailed event log viewer, which can offer useful insight in the steps taken. Supporting HTML, JavaScript, ASP, PHP or even CSS format files, it enables one to easily undo any changes thanks to its “Roll-back feature”.

Optimizing the code is done through a conservative process, which ensures that its quality is not lost. Furthermore, users will be able to easily eliminate white spaces or reduce comments and even perform META tag management.

For people who develop website code and its build efficiency is paramount, this utility could be a very useful choice. It will allow them to easily create and manage various projects, add their specific code files and optimize them selectively, in order to save website space and increase loading efficiency. While it will compress users’ code, it also ensures that the quality of the selected files is retained.