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oXygen XML Author is a comprehensive instrument that offers you advanced authoring and editing features. It enables you to view structures, edit script lines or transform scenarios for projects, databases, DITA documents and DocBook files.

The software offers you tools for editing elements, attributes and scenarios for various schemas, in a short time and with little effort. Also, it displays which fields are subjected to change, in order to help preserve the integrity of the file and the relations between elements.

oXygen XML Author

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With oXygen XML Author, you can view and analyze and edit schemas contained in XML files: edit script lines in Text mode, view relations in the Grid tab or author frameworks and environments in the dedicated section.

Moreover, the software allows you to change attributes, attribute values and manage full or partial tags, depending on the structure of your document. You can easily manage XML, Java, JavaScript, LDAP or CORBA, thanks to oXygen XML Author's ability to work with Unicode syntax.

The software is suitable for building and editing DITA maps or bookmaps. The DITA authoring function enables you to create a hierarchy of topics, book divisions, references and indexes, in order to generate output XHTML, PDF, HTML or Eclipse help files.

The software can display your DITA map as a tree structure, with expansible nodes, so that you can easily navigate through the structure and make changes or apply transformation scenarios.

oXygen XML Author Serial comes with a series of predefined frameworks for DocBook, DITA, TEI or XHTML files, but you can customize them as you wish, in order to create a suitable work space for a specific type of document. For instance, you may need to define the internal structure of an XML documents collection.

You can easily query an XML document, using an XPath language, and model it as a tree of nodes. The software supports multiple types of Xpath syntax, from Xpath 1.0 to 3.0, which you can select, in order to simplify navigation through the nodes contained in your file.

oXygen XML Author is a multi-functional authoring platform, destined for viewing, editing and querying XML, DITA or XHTML documents. It enables you to access basic frameworks, apply transformation scenarios and easily analyze relations between elements, while offering a user-friendly interface.