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In order to validate a XML file, it is recommended to build a XSLT schema, that provides you with extended functionality and code correctness. In order to ensure that a XML file is “well-formed” you can use oXygen XML Developer, a powerful software solution to XML validation and XSLT schema debugging. The application requires Java installed on your computer in order to properly function.

The program gives you the possibility to create XML files, then associate XSLT schema to each one, in order to ensure their correctness and consistency. Furthermore, you can try to debug certain XML files, so that you can find and fix the flaw that causes them to malfunction.

oXygen XML Developer

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Besides, attaching a XSLT schema to a XML file is one of the safest ways to check if an XML is “well formed”, as it adds extended functions to XML documents. With the help of oXygen XML Developer, you can debug and test if a XSLT schema attached to an XML file acts as it was intended, displaying correct information.

The application can help you validate your code as you write it, without having to run debugging sessions every time you need to check your code. By doing so, you can easily check the connection of your XML with other resources and files.

By providing you with an efficient and stable environment for XML manipulation and XSLT, XQuery, XPath execution and debugging, SOAP or WSDL testing, oXygen XML Developer Serial helps you create astounding XML files, that meet the latest requirements of web design.

To draw a conclusion, oXygen XML Developer helps you design intricate XML files, whilst giving you the possibility to check if they are correctly developed or “well formed”, keeping up with the latest changes in the web design consortium.