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A web page layout has evolved throughout the years from simple text and several images, to visually appealing, fully interactive and fun templates. These can be created thoroughly using programming code, but it's not for everyone. Luckily, specialized applications such as Quick 'n Easy Web Builder gives anyone a shot at constructing a web page from scratch.

Launching the application brings up a cleverly designed interface that offers an idea of what can be done without pressing a button. The interactive workspace is where most time is spent, with side panels holding objects you can insert and specific options, as well as an upper toolbar with general functions.

Quick'n Easy Web Builder

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One of the main advantages is that no programming knowledge is required whatsoever. Simply using your mouse as the main tools to drag objects in the desired position, arrange and customize them is all there is to it.

In order to create a clean and appealing design, several precision tools are available, such as a ruler which allows you to create a standard layout on for objects to snap to. What's more, elements can be locked so you don't accidentally move or edit them, or you can simply turn off visibility from the dedicated objects explorer.

What's more, every aspect is fully customizable, making your project limited only by your imagination. The application comes equipped with a rich toolbox that stores various objects organized in categories like standard, images, form, media, navigation, drawing tools, advanced, jquery and login tools.

You can experiment with various combinations by dragging objects from the list and over the workspace, with the possibility to also import external images of common formats in the same manner. Furthermore, these can thoroughly be enhanced through a property inspector that houses general options, functions and other miscellaneous adjustments.

At any point during the creation process, your default web browser can be brought up so you can get a preview of your progress. There's also the possibility to set up a list for the preview options in order to map out compatibility issues. In terms of exporting, the application is able to generate the output directly onto your server, or locally in a custom directory.

All things considered, Quick 'n Easy Web Builder is a powerful and highly intuitive application with the help of which you are able to create modern web pages from scratch, with minimum effort. There are several templates for a quick start, as well as an abundance of fully customizable objects that can easily populate the project and bring your web page to life.