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dbForge Unit Test for SQL Server is an extension to Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio that consists from a GUI that allows users to implement automated unit testing functions. Since it is based on the tSQLt framework, it is also possible for developers to perform unit tests by writing them in regular T-SQL.

The implementation of tSQLt framework makes it possible for programmers to write their code in the same IDE used to perform unit tests. Tests can be easily executed against the desired database, as the framework includes SQL functions, views, procedures and tables, as well.

dbForge Unit Test for SQL Server

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Administrators can perform the tests against various databases without worrying about unwanted updates or generic modifications, as the add-in automatically executes a clean-up process that rolls back any occurring changes after the test completes. Additionally, dbForge Unit Test for SQL Server creates a series of test objects that are organized into a dedicated unit, thus allowing the tests to occur without modifying already existing objects.

Users can generate and run multiple unit tests simultaneously, thus preventing them from executing one process at a time. Furthermore, tests can also be performed individually or by selecting them in any combination that the users find suitable to their needs.

In order to benchmark the add-in's capabilities, it provides developers with a few test examples that can be run quickly and do not require any hard coding. Users can choose to install a sample database that contains the test units mentioned above and execute them freely, in order to better understand this add-in's capabilities.