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GlassFish is a straightforward utility designed for developing and deploying Java EE applications (Java Platform Enterprise Edition) and Java Web Services.

Intended mainly for Java developers and administrators, GlassFish includes a modular runtime that minimizes resource consumption, an easy-to-use console and a feature-rich command line tool.


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Using GlassFish you have the possibility to configure services, fix problems that are associated with the server, integrate add-on components and deploy applications with ease.

After installing the program, you might need to perform several configuration tasks in order to make GlassFish function as intended. Working as an administrator of GlassFish, your main responsibilities are to establish a secure environment and to oversee all the resources and users.

The initial domain is created during installation and it contains a group of instances that are administered together. Because each domain has its own administration server (DAS) that hosts administrative applications, you can customize connection settings with ease.

When you configured all the options, you can continue to manage ongoing configuration for the life of your GlassFish Serial server installation. You can adjust resources to improve productivity and solve all the issues that might arise when you modify the default settings.

Before working with GlassFish, you need to understand the basics of tiered applications and learn how to deploy and run them on a Java EE server. And since it provides you with a large set of commands and libraries, the utility is intended mostly for professional users.

Using GlassFish you can create and deploy web applications and easily leverage the power of Java EE 6 platform.

What’s interesting is that GlassFish is supported by the major of IDE’s including NetBeans and Eclipse, a feature that makes the utility a steady solution when it comes to creating such applications.