Muse Proxy 5.2 Build 03 Crack + Serial Key Updated

Muse Proxy is a comprehensive and reliable software solution whose main purpose is to help users to access restricted pages by rewriting the web server and the contained CSS, JavaScript, XML and HTML files.

The previously mentioned application provides you with real time monitoring and logging support so all your logged data can be easily used to obtain any kind of information, starting from the standard access logs and ending with statistic logs which keep detailed data about the overall activity of Muse Proxy.

Muse Proxy

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There are situations when you need to browse various websites or simply download applications you are interested in, still you are not allowed to access them because of the restricted content and secure settings.

Hence, Muse Proxy allows the access from outside the computer network to restricted-access websites that authorize users based on HTTP authentication and cookies or IP address. This way, the application allows running on a machine that has multiple IP addresses and selectively using them when you are accessing various websites.

Because it comes with an intuitive interface, you have the possibility to view all the client connections managed by Muse Proxy Serial at the current moment and specify the IP addresses on which the application should listen.

Moreover, you are able to display some general information about the cache files, un-rewrite a Muse Proxy rewritten URL address, generate encrypted passwords using the SHA1 or MD5 encryption algorithms, display the current list of client sessions, as well as to set up the statistical information gathered by the application with regard to each server IP address.

Considering all the above, Muse Proxy proves to be a reliable program that uses its own rewriting capabilities in order to make the Internet activity untraceable, acting as a secure shield between you, as a client computer and the rest of the online space.