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Although most email services can be accessed through a web platform, there’s also the possibility to install clients on your computer for more comfort. IBM Notes is a popular example here, but email databases can end up taking quite a lot of disk space. Luckily, applications like SysInfoTools NSF Split can help you overcome such inconveniences.

One thing needs to be mentioned first, and that is SysInfoTools NSF Split needs to be able to interact with your IBM Notes, which needs to be installed on your computer. On the other hand, you don’t have to keep it running, and file selection is done from a directory of choice, so you can process older files as well.

SysInfoTools NSF Split

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The whole operation is wizard-driven, fitted with intuitive sets of instructions to quickly get you through. One of the first steps is to choose the NSF file you wish to split, and this is done through the browse dialog. Only one file can be processed at a time.

Before choosing the mode of operation, the application analyzes the NSF file, displaying the total file size in bytes, as well as the number of contained mail messages. Although purely informative, this can help you decide how you want to perform the split operation.

There are several ways in which a NSF database can be split, namely by file size, date, sender email ID, single NSF file for the selected folders, or separate NSF files for every selected folder. The content of the NSF file can be explored while choosing the split mode so you select only the items you want to process.

Each split type is fitted with its own set of configurations. These allow you to properly choose what to extract and how to split content. Output is delivered to a location of choice, and can be one or more NSF files, depending on the configuration.

All things considered, we can state that SysInfoTools NSF Split Serial is a straightforward tool you can use to extract different details from NSF databases, or simply split according to custom parameters. IBM Notes needs to be installed on your computer, but the main source for the operation is a single NSF file.