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Emoticons (for Skype) is an easy to use software and it brings a large collection of new Skype emotion icons, that you can send to your friends in an online conversation. You need to simply drag and drop them onto your Skype window and they automatically become animated.

Emotion icons, or emoticons, for short, are small symbols of smiling faces, sad expressions or other emotions, such as surprised, outraged, upset and many more. They are designed to accompany a reply and validate its meaning. Emoticons can express irony, sarcasm, honesty, amusement that otherwise may not be understood when reading a plain line.

Emoticons (for Skype)

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Thus, they are a useful tool in any online chat client. Alternatively, emoticons may be figures other than faces, such as stars, hearts, mugs, banners or custom elements for holidays, events, movies. Emoticons (for Skype) offers a large collection of such symbols, designed to refresh a conversation or give the correct meaning to your replies.

The software works with Skype, but it is not an add-on or other plugin. You can import the emoticons into Skype by simply dragging and dropping them from the main window  of the software, to the chat area in each conversation from the live chat client.

The smiley faces are designed using the Skype syntax, meaning that once you import them into the typing area and send them, Skype automatically animates them. You can watch as the wondering emoticon raises an eyebrow, or how the laughing one rolls on the floor in amusement.

You can set Emoticons (for Skype) Serial to start with Windows and automatically go to the system tray or remain opened on the desktop. Additionally, the application may be set to stay always on top, hide when minimized, or use network proxies.

Emoticons (for Skype) is a fun collection of emotion icons, that you can use in Skype conversations, in order to enliven the chat, bring fun or express feeling that may not be otherwise transmitted through words. The software completes your list of emotion icons and it updates automatically, in order to bring you even more new smiley faces.