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Needless to say that everything you interact with on your computer is fitted with different color combinations to give the specific service or application personality, or to make identification of specific elements easier. To help developers out, applications like Form Colours let you easily choose the right colors in a neat interface.

Although the application takes you through a setup process, it can even be deployed on a USB flash drive to use its set of features even on other computers. Apart from a great deal of flexibility, the target computer’s health status doesn’t get affected in any way, because registries don’t need to be modified to ensure functionality.

Form Colours

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The main window consists of a large panel, with several sliders for quick adjustments, and info fields so you know what effect your changes have. However, you need to limit all your work to the application’s interface, because there aren’t exactly any export options. On the other hand, there is a drop-down menu which stores everything you do, letting you revisit, and edit previous tasks.

With the help of RGB sliders you can easily configure multiple color sets to help you decide what looks best for your new project. There’s also the default color palette you can bring up to add a specific color, in case using RGB sliders isn’t that convenient. Furthermore, the application can randomly set sliders every now and then, for new color tones.

Storing colors is done by their corresponding code, which can be a bit difficult to identify in a list. There is, however, a different drop-down menu for color names. To cleverly analyze the specific color and how it blends in your projects, the main window can be set to use it. What’s more, customization allows you to paint every single element, from small frames, to text, and background.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Form Colours Serial is a straightforward application which aims to help you decide what combinations of colors best suits your projects, applications, or web pages. This is done through intuitive controls, with which to change the color of every element in the interface, for proper feedback, and analysis.