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Behind every web page you access, there are dozens of lines of code, with some degree of programming knowledge being required in order to create websites from scratch. On the other hand, advancement in computer technology allowed for more advanced alternatives to become available, such as WebDwarf, which gives anyone the possibility to design web pages without writing a single line of code.

Equipped with a simple, yet highly intuitive interface, the application poses no accommodation problems whatsoever. Most of the space is taken up by the interactive preview section which you can equip with a grid to snap objects to, so that arrangement is easily done.


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In terms, of creation you can use a wide array of geometrical shapes and images of popular formats like GIF, PNG, JPG and BMP you can easily drag over the main window. Editing is extremely easy, with the possibility to resize by dragging the corners, rotate and skew each shape.

The background can also be equipped with simple colors or gradients of several types, or even set an image in this regard. Needless to say that text fields are amongst objects you can add to your project.

For better arrangement, besides the possibility to enable a grid or set rulers and guide lines, the application also lets you carefully manage layers each object appears on, preset alignment options, group multiple objects together and even lock them so you don't accidentally mess up the layout.

Unfortunately, there is no support for menu builders, so the output design might be a little simplistic. On the other hand, you can link other pages for thorough sites, and with a little programming knowledge, you can bypass the menu flaw thanks to the built-in text editor for codes.

To sum it up, WebDwarf Serial is a handy application beginners and experts alike can use to create website layouts to use for your projects, with no coding knowledge required whatsoever. The intuitive interface lets you quickly accommodate and you can create various designs thanks to the abundance of drawing and object editing tools.