K9 Web Protection Crack + License Key Updated

K9 Web Protection is a straightforward software solution worth having when you need to protect your computer against Internet threats.

Specially designed for users who need to get maximum protection and efficiency from their antivirus program,  K9 Web Protection is a reliable Internet filter and parental control which you can rely on.

K9 Web Protection

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We all know that an open Internet connection is unsafe, especially for children or for users who do not know exactly what malware or trojan threats mean. Therefore, they might access executable files which can be harmful for your PC, or even worse, might steal your important files, because hackers do know how to infiltrate your computer.

Hence, K9 Web Protection will protect your child against adult content and risky interactions and yourself from scams or temptations. Moreover, it can protect your computer from spyware and malware, as well as to secure your organization from adventurous users or threats.

If you run a business corporation, you are surely aware that your employees are not so careful with their data, so they might bring potential legal liability or security threats into your organization via USB flash drives, memory cards, CDs etc.

In addition, K9 Web Protection Serial provides you with enterprise-grade protection and web security solution for your home and organization.

Before using the application, you need to set a personal password, which needs to be strong enough so hackers won't break it. The annoying part of this feature is that you need to keep it in your memory or in a secure location, because it prompts you each time you do not use the computer. Still, it protects your PC and business against unauthorized access.

The main window provides you with summary details about the Internet activity, the accessed links and the URL requests. You can also customize the way the application will filter all your information, personalize time restrictions and website exceptions.

Even if K9 Web Protection does not display any notification messages as we expected, the work is well done though. It works smoothly on your computer and does not disturb you from your daily work.

The application runs without over-blocking, slowing down the PC or conflicting with other software installed on your computer. Thanks to its simple and intuitive layout, K9 Web Protection should please all types of users when it comes to protecting their system against Internet threats or their children from adult content.