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CDR Data Analysis Software is an application created to help investigators analyze CDR files from various services and generate extensive reports of frequency statistics. It supports multiple file formats and comes with a number of additional tools that can make your job easier.

The application is well suited for processing extensive call records and performing an in-depth analysis. It enables you to add multiple CDR files and process them all at once, and then track suspected numbers by link analysis.

CDR Data Analysis Software

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CDR Data Analysis Software also provides you with advanced filtering and data searching tools, making it possible to single out important pieces of information.

Additionally, the program enables you to import cell/tower data and locate cell towers by providing a set of coordinates, the distance in kilometers, the circle area and operator.

An application designed to handle complex data sets is bound to be a bit more challenging, which is why it is important for first-time users to have access to detailed documentation.

Sadly, while a user manual is available online, it does not seem to have been completed yet, as explanations for many of the program’s functions cannot be found. Because of this, novices may have a hard time getting to grips with this software.

Thankfully, the included wizards do a good job of simplifying the data entry process, but some instructions would still come in handy.

CDR Data Analysis Software Serial makes it easy to access all the important functions you are likely to use on a regular basis, as they are all organized into tabs.

However, some of the windows that are opened when selecting various functions have very different visual designs, making them look out of place.

In conclusion, CDR Data Analysis Software is a comprehensive solution for users who need to investigate call records and track suspected numbers. It could use a few improvements, however, as well as more extensive documentation.