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If you're a rare user who toggles multiple web browsers instead of just sticking to a favorite one or whose job involves page compatibility testing, you're probably interested in a way of opening web pages faster instead of having to copy a URL, hitting Alt+Tab to switch to a different browser, pasting the link, and hitting Enter.

A solution for this is offered by Snug. Available in a lightweight package, this utility takes over the Ctrl + Shift + K key combination to open a menu in the address bar and display three options for opening the current URL: Chrome, Firefox and Edge. After clicking a web browser, it automatically sends the URL in a new tab.


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After a swift setup operation that offers no important information besides the default hotkey combination used for opening its menu, Snug creates an icon in the systray and silently runs in the background without interrupting your desktop activity with any notifications.

If this isn't obvious enough, Snug Serial has to remain working in the background in order to work. You can test it out by opening an instance of any of the three browsers, typing a URL and pressing Ctrl + Shift + K. The utility auto-selects the link and opens the menu with entries for Firefox, Chrome and Edge, so you just have to click one of them.

In addition to the three entries, the menu gives you the possibility to change the default key combination to anything else while keeping in mind that it overwrites any current command. For example, if you change it to Ctrl + C, you won't be able to copy items anymore using this combination. However, any mistakes are reversible since the original key mapping is restored after exiting the program. Besides the fact that the systray menu has identical options to the browser menu, there are no other notable options available.

We've noticed a slight delay from the moment of triggering the hotkey to opening the menu, which might be unsettling for some users. Nevertheless, Snug has just been recently released so there's plenty of room for improvement.