CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3 Crack Plus License Key

CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3 is a comprehensive and reliable that provides you with a simple means of managing your personal files and documents in Amazon S3 storage. It helps you to organize all your private data on cloud just as you would do on your own local computer.

Once you launch the application, you will notice that the main window if very simple and easy to work with, as it allows you to open as many transfer instances as you want.

CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3

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Being divided into two panels, one for specifying the source directory and one for setting up the cloud account where all your personal files will be uploaded to, you can easily manage and track all your transferred documents.

Since it comes with drag and drop functionality, you can easily drag your files from your computer to the S3 account or vice versa.

Thanks to its multi-tabbed view, the application enables you to keep track of different accounts (such as Amazon S3, LeoNovus, Walrus, Dunkel, Connectria, GreenQloud and Cloudian, to name a few) and your local machine.

Moreover, CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3 Serial provides you with handy wizards that will guide you through the necessary steps of loading or exporting data into or from AWS cloud (also referred to as Amazon Web Services).

After selecting the proper account and specifying the right Amazon bucket, the application enables you to save signature files to your storage device, as well as pack and ship your device.

Additionally, you are able to create a new CloudFront distribution wizard by selecting the registered Amazon S3 account from the drop-down list. Also abbreviated as CDN, Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery network that serve content to end-users with high performance.

Considering all of the above, CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3 proves to be an efficient way of uploading your documents and media files to cloud storages such as Cloudian, IDC Frontier, Amazon S3, Mezeo or HavenCo.