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Nowadays, staying connected and getting in touch with others quickly and easily is a must, especially if we are talking about the business environment. That is the reason why mobile phones are now considered an indispensable tool, ready to help their owners communicate with others, manage their appointments, store their contacts, read emails or view documents.

Specifically designed for the business user, MOBILedit Enterprise provides a full-featured phone management application that can be of assistance in numerous situations. First and foremost, it can be used to create data backups, copying the phone contents to the computer. Moreover, it comes in handy when a large number of contacts must be shared between two devices (for instance, a list of potential customers).

MOBILedit Enterprise

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MOBILedit Enterprise provides support for an assortment of manufacturers and phone models. For your convenience, it also deploys a pack of drivers that allow the mobile device to communicate with the computer it is connected to. As such, the application can detect the handset as soon as it is plugged in. The only thing you have to do is to configure the phone to trust the host PC.

Once the phone is connected, you can view details about the device by clicking on its name.  From the device ID and the platform to the manufacturer, model, hardware and software revision, you can read it all in a simple summary page.

The highlight of MOBILedit Enterprise Serial is the way it allows you to handle the content stored on the phone. You can explore the phonebook to view the list of contacts and add new ones, check the calendar to see appointments and create additional entries, read and edit notes, and view a list of all the installed applications. Furthermore, MOBILedit Enterprise Serial can act as a file manager, enabling you to browse the media files and the documents stored on the phone, with built-in preview functionality.

Not only that you can explore the entire data your phone hosts, but you can also create backups. MOBILedit Enterprise enables you to upload important files and folders, or the contact list, to the cloud, iTunes for iPhones, or the local computer. Moreover, you can use it to archive old messages, the call history, or notes you no longer use but want to keep.

The advanced phone content management options MOBILedit Enterprise comes with recommends it to any corporate user who wants to efficiently handle the content stored on the company's phones. It allows quick data transfers and backups and provides a convenient method to migrate the entire phone content to another device.